This is the official website of  ICON.  The word stands for the  Iloilo Coalition of Non-government Organization and People’s Organizations. As the acronym implies, it is a symbol of unity among NGOs and POs in the City and Province of Iloilo. Starting as  a loose  coalition of NGOs and POs accredited by the Province of Iloilo, it has become a rallying point of  other  NGOs, POs and sectoral  members of the  civil society organizations. It is now open to other organizations  that  subscribe to the basis of unity of the Coalition Each  member  network, federation, aggregation is automatically represented in the Council.


When the Provincial Development Council was reconvened in 1999, NGOs and POs accredited by the PDC was required to form a group to represent them in the local special bodies. Among the names suggested, ICON was chosen to symbolize the desired unity. While the representatives agreed to  form just a loose organization for   particular purpose, later developments changed the course of history among NGO and PO Community inIloilo.

On 2000, when the Iloilo Council of Social Development, Inc. (ICSD) spearheaded a move for the declaration of  NGO-PO Week which subsequently became an ordinance, ICON has   again became a point of convergence to enhance  the participation of   NGOs and POs in Iloilo.

After two years of celebration, NGOs and POs feel the need to strengthen the network. The institutionalization of celebration necessitates the formalization of ICON. In 2002, the General Assembly decided to organize ICON and elected a Coordinating Board to lead the coalition. During the first NGO-PO Congress, the delegates ratified the Constitution, elected the Board of  Directors and  officers, and worked out for the  registration  of  the organization with the  Securities and Exchange Commission.

Thereafter, ICON spearheads moves that unify various NGOs and POs. It has the distinction of being an organization  that can cross boundaries, and diversified persuasions,  approaches, and welfare and development actions.

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