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NGO PO WEEK: Milestone of Networking in Iloilo

The annual celebration of the Non-government Organizations and People’s Organizations (NGO-PO) Week in Iloilo is a testament of success in networking. The event has been institutionalized by Provincial Ordinance No. 2000-042 and City Regulation Ordinance 2001-190. As such, it sealed the partnership of the provincial and city government of Iloilo and the civil society organizations in networking for development. Because of the ordinances, NGOs and POs have found a venue to link with each other despite differences in approaches or even in political and ideological persuasions and leanings.



WHEREAS, Section 23, Article II of the 1987 Constitution provides that “the State shall encourage non-governmental, community-based or sectoral organizations that promote the welfare of the nation”, as well as Section 14, Article X provides that “the President shall provide for regional development councils or other similar bodies composed of local government officials, regional heads of departments and other government offices, and representatives from non-governmental organizations within the regions for purposes of administrative decentralization to strengthen the autonomy of the units therein and to accelerate the economic and social growth and development of the units in the region”;

WHEREAS, the primacy of NGO’s role in the local governance process was given due consideration in the Local Government Code of 1991 when it provided for their participation in the following areas: membership in local special bodies; partnership with the government in joint ventures in development projects; and participation and sectoral representations in local legislative bodies;

WHEREAS, Iloilo Provincial Government, in compliance with the provisions of the Local Government Code relative to the role of NGO’s and PO’s, has effected the same whereby representatives of accredited NGO’s and PO’s are accorded with membership in the Provincial Development Council; and allowing them one seat in the local special bodies: school board, health board, peace and order council, and pre-qualification, bid and awards committee;

WHEREAS, most NGO’s accredited by the Provincial Government and other sectoral organizations in the City and Province of Iloilo will participate in the gathering of NGO’s and PO’s at Central Philippine University on December 1-2, 2000 characterized by fellowship, fun, study, friendly competitions;

WHEREAS, the celebration which centers on the theme “Katin-aran Sang Nasyon: Yara sa Aton Paghiliugyon,” aimed at giving recognition to participation of NGO and PO in the nation building;

WHEREAS, Mr. Edwin I. Lariza, Co-Chair, Provincial Development Council, requested the August Body, thru the Governor, Honorable Arthur D. Defensor, to declare December 1-7, 2000 as Non-Government Organizations-People’s Organizations (NGO-PO) Week in the Province of Iloilo.

NOW, THEREFORE, on motion of the Honorable Rodolfo V. Cabado, upon the joint sponsorship of Hon. Juanito T. Alipao, Chairman of the Committee on Cooperatives and other Non-Government Organizations, which was duly seconded,

BE IT ORDAINED, as it is hereby Ordained, by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Iloilo in session assembled, that:

Section 1. December 1-7, 2000 and of every year thereafter is hereby declared as Non-Government Organizations-People’s Organizations (NGO-PO) Week in the Province of Iloilo;

Section 2. Effectivity. This Ordinance shall take effect immediately upon approval thereof and the same be posted in three (3) conspicuous places at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol.

RESOLVED, FURTHER, to furnish copies of this resolution to the Governor, Hon. Arthur D. Defensor, and all Non-government Organizations-People’s Organizations thru Mr. Edwin I. Lariza, Co-Chair, Provincial Development Council, for their information and guidance.


I HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the above-quoted Ordinance.

Sangguniang Panlalawigan

With our concurrence:
Floor Leader



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Introducing the ICON, Inc.

ICON stands for Iloilo Coalition of Non-government Organization and People’s Organizations. As the acronym implies, it is a symbol of unity among NGOs and POs in the City and Province of Iloilo. Starting as a loose coalition of NGOs and POs accredited by the Province of Iloilo, it has become a rallying point of other NGOs, POs and sectoral members of the civil society organizations. It is now open to other organizations that subscribe to the basis of unity of the Coalition.Each member network, federation, aggregation is automatically represented in the Council.


When the Provincial Development Council was reconvened in 1999, NGOs and POs accredited by the PDC were required to form a group to represent them in the local special bodies. Among the names suggested, ICON was chosen to symbolize the desired unity. While the representatives agreed to form just a loose organization for particular purpose, latter developments changed the course of history among NGO and PO Community in Iloilo.

On 2000, when the Iloilo Council of Social Development, Inc. (ICSD) spearheaded a move for the declaration of NGO-PO Week which subsequently became an ordinance, ICON has again became a point of convergence to enhance the participation of NGOs and POs in Iloilo. After two years of celebration, NGOs and POs feel the need to strengthen the network. The institutionalization of celebration necessitates the formalization of ICON. In 2002, the General Assembly decided to organize ICON and elected a Coordinating Board to lead the coalition. During the first NGO-PO Congress, the delegates ratified the Constitution, elected the Board of Directors and officers, and worked out for the registration of the organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Thereafter, ICON spearheads moves that unify various NGOs and POs. It has the distinction of being an organization that can cross boundaries, and diversified persuasions, approaches, and welfare and development actions.


Membership in ICON is open to individual NGOs and POs, networks, federations, aggregations, coalitions, etc. The organization is governed by Council of Leaders elected during the General Assembly provided that any network, federation, coalitions that applies for membership is automatically represented in such Council. Seven members of the Council are elected -at-large. The Council elects the Board of Director which, in turn, elects the ICON officers from among them.

VISION: Building Innovations in Networking towards Development (BIND)

MISSION: Link Individuals and Networks thru Keen Advocacy and Genuine and Effective Services (LINKAGES)

1.To spearhead the annual celebration of the NGO PO Week in Iloilo.
2. To represent the NGO-PO community when needed & serve as its mouthpiece on issues where it has to make stand.
3. To coordinate programs, service, and activities of NGO-PO to maximize resource for mutual benefit.
4. To mobilize human and material resources of the NGO-PO community in pursuit of social, economic, political, environmental, moral, ethical and other issues.
5. To serve as the center of information, education and communication dissemination of NGOs and POs in the city and province of Iloilo.



With an office located at the 2nd floor Old Provincial Capitol ICON serves as center of information and communication among NGOs, POs and the provincial and city government. In partnership with the Provincial Development Council, ICON sponsors a regular forum every 2nd Thursday of the month at the 5th Floor Conference Room, New Provincial Capitol Building. The forum serves as avenue for a healthy discussion on relevant issues and concerns, sharing of information and updates of the programs and services of the government and private sector, promotion and/or advocacies on welfare and development endeavors.

ICON co sponsors with the Department of Social Work, Central Philippine University a CATV program aired live over Channel 8, Sky Cable every Tuesday 7:30-9:00 pm. Dubbed Angtanay as Katin-aran (The People’s Development Network ). While the show focuses on the discussion on socio-economic, political, religious and cultural issues, it has two other features, namely Katuwang Sa Katin-aran (presentation of social welfare and development endeavors) and Buligay (Linking actual needs and resources).The network also maintains a radio program Pulong-pulong sa Katin-aran (Development Forum) over DYSI, GMA Super Radyon 1323 khz every Sunday 5:30 pm.


ICON coordinates the welfare and development activities of NGOs and POs, as well as the government agencies in order to maximize resources. The Coalition spearheads the annual celebration of the NGO-PO Week in Iloilo, December 1-7, by virtue of both city and provincial ordinances to recognize the role of NGOs and POs in nation building.

Organizational development

ICON either initiates or co-sponsors activities to strengthen the organizational capacity of member NGOs and POs and other organizations by sponsoring seminars, training, symposium, forum on Volunteerism, Social Mobilization, Fund Raising, etc.

Networking and Linkages

ICON initiates partnership with other civil society organizations, government agencies and other groups/associations who subscribe to its objectives and programs. It conducts regular Medical -dental Mission together with the Philippine Army, Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine Partnership for Health Project, etc.

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